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We love to see our kids happy and healthy

Cairns is a fantastic place to be a kid!

We are a family of four and have lived here in Cairns for nearly 7 years now. We have had both of our children here and have enjoyed the many benefits mixing the tropical lifestyle with family life. We understand how it feels to be looking for things to do with kids and so the idea was born to create a 'one stop shop' of information and ideas for the Cairns area.

This website is a way to bring truly family orientated information to locals and visitors alike. We have tried very hard to create something different from the tourist orientated sites that are everywhere on the web. We have written most of the content ourselves, or added our own experiences to the information offered on individual websites. As our children are only 2 and 5, we have sourced information for older kids from friends and colleagues who are 'in the know'.  

Just like a child, the site is a work in progress and is growing rapidly. Also just like a child, we need the community to help us help it grow! Please take the time to share your tips and experiences. Your input as a parent is so valuable to us.