While gender revealing parties may be new to the preggy-party list, baby showers certainly have been around a long time. However, this doesn’t mean they are easy to shop for…! If you’re someone who is attending a baby shower sometime soon and have no idea what to gift the expecting couple or the baby, then here are a few of our excellent suggestions.

Baby Is Ever-Growing; And Ever In Need Of New Clothing!

Like the title reads, baby is ever growing, and will outgrow his clothing faster than you think! To help the new parents out, you can gift baby clothing a little big for his age; so that they can grow into them. Organic clothing is all the rage now, and most suitable for kids clothing. If your local stores don’t carry organic materials, you can easily find organic baby clothing online.

Mama May Need Something Comfy, Chic Easy To Nurse In

It’s not only the baby that may need a wardrobe upgrade! Chances are that mama has not done much shopping for herself while pregnant, so buying her clothes makes an excellent gift. Have a care not to make it look too obviously preggy¾it may make your mama a little conscious about wearing it post-baby. Choose something that is obviously comfortable, but also stylish and attractive. It’s also best to choose a style that’s easy to nurse in…in case mama decides to do so.

Think Ahead, Think Toys!

Toys are an obvious choice for baby showers, and for very practical and fun reasons. When selecting toys, have a care that it needs to be age appropriate. Soft toys with no hard edges, lightweight and without harmful lights are best for children below 6 months. You could even think ahead and buy baby educative toys, for when he’s old enough to sit by himself and older…!

Curated Gift Box Full Of Goodies Of Luxury

Customized and personalized gift boxes are all the rage nowadays, and can make excellent gifts for this occasion. Customize a luxury feel box for mama…or both parents! Bath bombs, scrubs, oils, silky bathrobes…go all out in helping mama feel luxurious in her own bathroom. Remember, baby’s parents will rarely get a moment alone in the first few weeks post delivery, so help them make the most of it!

Giving Baby His Privacy And Mama Her Alone Time!

While it’s quite true that baby may not really want privacy for at least 10 years into the future of his life, mama will definitely want a little alone time for herself! To help her get a little alone time, or for the parents to at least have a peaceful night’s sleep away from the baby, consider gifting them with a quality baby monitor. Quality audio is a must; while video is a luxury.

A Diaper Bag Suitable For The On-The-Go Mama

If your mama is a working woman, no doubt she’ll have to be on the go soon. Having the right travelling diaper bags makes all the difference in our opinion, so we believe it makes the perfect gift for an expecting couple. Remember that dad will be carrying this bag quite often too, so make sure it’s something he wouldn’t feel awkward carrying!