Taking care of a child is one of those tasks that looks simple if you are not the one doing it. Children are amazing. They after all the future of not just the nation but the world. However bringing them up is not a piece of cake. Childcare is not easy and even if there is a handbook depending on the children’s personalities, it may not always work. There are things that are not subjective and therefore all parents should know these.

Give Your Child the Opportunity to Make Decisions

A child who is always expected to follow the parent’s command and is not allowed to express their opinion will end up being rebellious when they become teenagers or may end up becoming very timid and would rather follow than lead. As a parent, you need to give the opportunity to make decisions. It can be from simple things like choosing their camelbak bottle to giving them a task and seeing how they fare. Their decision-making skills are of course not up to par but as they learn to weigh problems and decide things on their own, they will able to make better decisions. Of course, you need to be there to guide them. You can explain the consequences of their decisions and present their options in a detailed way so they understand what they are dealing with. However allow them to make minor mistakes after all this will help them learn better.

Do Not Punish A Child with Anger

Children make mistakes. That is how they grow. They make a mistake and then they learn from it. sometimes they need to repeat the mistakes a few more times to learn. Of course, you need to tell them right from wrong but punishing with violence is not the way to go. When you use physical punishments such as slapping the child or anything that induces pain, they may start to fear you and eventually resent you. From when they are small, they rely on you for security but when you threaten their security, it will not go well. As they are children, they may approach you again but they will never forget and this could lead to huge problems as they grow. Child abuse is illegal in many countries and morally it’s wrong. Instead try other types of punishments. You can give them a time out or ground them. Take away their playtime or dessert. These have a better chance of reducing the frequency of an undesirable behaviour than physical violence.

Listen to What They Say and Talk to Them

It might be annoying to hear your child keep on talking for hours to you when you are busy. However try as much as you can to listen to them when you are free. As this can affect their confidence and communication skills. If you want your child to be confident and speak well, listen to what they say and talk with them. Sometimes what they say may sound silly but to them, it means a lot. Sometimes it may not be silly at all. They could have good reasonings or be talking about something important. So always listen when you can and don’t brush away their concerns. If they feel upset, ask them what it is they are upset about. This can help build trust. This could also give you information about abuse or harmful behaviour that someone is inflicting on your child.

Ultimately taking care of a child is not a piece of cake but by doing the above it will be much easier.