Parenthood is full of ups and downs and can be quite the rollercoaster ride. No sooner than you achieve something, a hurdle will have you feeling like you’re right back at square one. There are many hurdles that will be unavoidable- but there are some, however, that you can prepare beforehand to the best of your ability. Read on for more on the most common parenting mistakes you can avoid:

Singling Out

When a child reaches their pre-teens, this is when they are at most risk for developing eating disorders. Their self-esteem takes a toll, depressive symptoms might sink in and innocent remarks like ‘you’ve put on weight’ may affect them pretty badly. You want to encourage a healthy lifestyle in your kid but not by singling them out. You will have to do it as a family- all family members will have to make an active attempt to eat healthier and be more active.

Not Practicing What Your Preach

It sounds like a pretty simple step. But what actions in your life have become so ingrained in your daily functioning that you don’t even notice it being negative anymore? From how you handle stress to how you communicate to the community, your child will pick up on these things and chances are he’s not going to listen to you if you lecture him on the same topics.

Not Coordinating With Teachers

You plan on sending your child to the best of Melbourne schools, which is a good move but also remember that you’ll be exposing your child to plenty of new conditions. There’s a chance your child will be overwhelmed and this might show in his mood, grades, athletic performance etc. This is where coordinating with teachers to pinpoint the source of the error is vital. It gives you more insight on your children when they start acting up and helps you analyse what stance to take.

Less Visits to the Doctor

When your child was in his smaller years, taking him to the doctor was almost a religious activity. As the years go by, this crucial annual doctor check-up tends to be skipped and bundled under various other appointments. Check yourself the next time this happens as pre-teen years are the most important time for the children to learn more about healthy living, weight and nutrition.

Postponing ‘The Talk’

This is an awkward topic amongst parents and they often find themselves postponing since they think schools will cover it during their health education classes but folks, you’re going to have to step up and do this one on time! Ideally, 10 or 11 years is the right age to tell your child more about puberty and body changes etc.


It’s understandable that you want to sign your child up for as much as possible- to have him experience and do things you either never had the chance to do or loved to do all too well. But unfortunately, you have to keep in mind that your child is dealing with various stressors that are telling him he needs to excel at everything he does. Overscheduling him will inevitably lead to burnout. Your child will show you what he’s interested in, base your scheduling on that.

And there you have it- these are the most common parenting pitfalls to watch out for.