The beach is always the perfect destination to spend your summer vacation. However, as fun and enjoyable it is, you also need to take care of yourself and your comfort and will have to take a few items with you on your vacation. Here is a list of things to take with you on your trip to the beach.


Lying out in the sun might be comforting but too much heat can also cause dehydration. An average adult requires full eight glasses of water as recommended by doctors. However, out in the sun, this number increases as the level of water in your body decreases too soon. Therefore, remember to have a lot of water with you. Many people often forget to drink water amidst all the fun but this is an important item you should never forget.

Sun Protection

Getting a good tan is cool but the sunlight can be too harsh on your skin if you are not careful. While many are used to bring a sunscreen with them to the beach, sometimes you might have found out that it does not work on your skin. So make sure you buy a sunscreen with the right SPF value. Bring an umbrella with you to the beach, especially if you are bringing kids with you. Also bring a pair of shades as not only is it comfortable for your eyes but also protects your eyes from the harsh glow of the sun.

Blanket and Chairs

If your plan is to sunbathe and relax then add plenty of blankets and/chairs to the essentials list. Especially if you are not a fan of lying down on the wet and cold sand, you will need something to sit or lie down on. It is not hard to find cheap blankets that can be used on the beach or folding sun loungers on sale so you don’t have to spend a lot buying expensive items. Blankets and chairs are more efficient than towels as towels can easily get blown by the wind.

Clothes and Towels

While you can use a towel to lie down you certainly need them when you change back into regular clothes from your beach clothes. Once your time on the beach is over, you need to clean yourself properly. It is better to have one towel for each member as it is hygienic. You will also need an extra set of clothes as your clothes can easily get wet. Take a pair of flip-flops or flat sandals with you too, as covered shoes or heels will not work well in sand and water.

First Aid

As with any vacation, it is always recommended to take a first aid kit with you. Especially if you have kids or toddlers it is better to keep a first aid kit with some plasters and bandages, painkillers and antiseptic. Include creams that can be used for unburns such as an Aloe Vera creams, just in case. It is always better to have some bug spray with you as well, especially if you are planning to spend the evening and/ or night on the beach.

Never forget to take care of you and your friends and family while you are having fun. This way all of you can fully enjoy your vacation without facing any complications or discomfort.