Every parent wants the best for their children, this is a universal truth that no one can deny. Children are our pride and joy. However, not all parents are fortunate enough to have the knowledge to nourish their child mentally, allowing them to flourish into an all-rounded individual when they grow up. It’s sad that a few mistakes, or lack of doing can be huge mishaps for your child’s development. Fortunately for many parents, the internet exists. Why? Because all the knowledge they’ll ever need is here, in one place, for what? For free! That’s right, and in this article, we’ll be discussing tips and methods to help your child be the best they can be. So, what can be done? Read on to find out.

Keep Talking To Your Child

Your baby goes through multiple phases during the development of their language acquisition. They actively learn to use language and syntax by watching their surroundings. This means that every word you say around your child is being memorized and stored by them. This is good. Normally, your child would go through the phrases as follows; first, the holographic phase where they use one word at a time, then the two-word stage where they try to utter sentences with mostly two words only, an example being ‘mommy juice!’ , or ‘ daddy come ‘. Next is the telegraphic stage where whole sentences are being uttered, but the syntax may be wrong due to lack of understanding in grammar, such as ‘milk give me please’.

Now that you know this, it would be easy for you to understand that more interactions with your child would allow them to acquire language faster and more easily. If parents constantly talk to their child, the child may even pick up on words and syntax that are more sophisticated for their current acquisition stage. This can also be achieved by also taking your child around. As they venture into the world at such a young age, they would be highly curious about their surroundings, and when told about the things that catch their interest, they’ll expand their knowledge.

Your Child Needs Creativity

A good way to boost your child’s development is to put them in groups with other children to play. This allows them to learn from a very young age to be social and how to be understanding of other’s needs. This can be further emphasized by group activities.  Like what? You may be asking. Your child should play games such as Simon Says as it helps children learn instructions and encourages patience. A bonus of doing it with groups of children would allow for the children to learn sportsmanship from a very young age.

Continuously, interests such as dancing and painting would encourage creativity in a safe place. This creativity would allow for free thinking and would help build the blocks for critical thinking in the future.

Isn’t that amazing? I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this article.