Apparel is one of the hottest selling items in Australia. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, selling apparel could be the way to make it as a businessperson. However, the success of an apparel retail business would largely depend on finding a great wholesale product distributor. Here are several tips on how you can find a great wholesale distributor for any kind of clothing product:

Search Locally for Distributors

Finding apparel wholesale distributors on the international stage is quite easy. However, if you are establishing an Australian start up, try to find a local distributor. Then main advantage you can enjoy here is the price. Local distributors like Blankclothing Australia can offer highly competitive prices because you don’t have to pay additional international shipping fees for products. Plus, you can also rely on the distributor legally speaking as a well-regulated Australian business.

Assess the Quality of the Products

One of the primary concerns you should have regarding wholesale distributors is the quality of the products. You may be able to find dirt cheap apparel items from an international distributor, but the product you receive may barely meet quality standards. When you brand the product, it must meet high, local quality standards to attract customers. Therefore, do perform a thorough quality assessment before you commit to any one wholesale distributor.

Look for a Distributor that Can Offer a Variety of Products

Some wholesale apparel distributors may be limited in the products they offer. It’s not unusual to see apparel distributors offering an overwhelming amount of tops but not much else. As a retailer, you can always benefit from a variety in inventory. Look for a wholesale distributor with a varied catalogue therefore.

Decide on Qualities like “Fair Trade” or “Eco Friendly”

When you sell the final product to customers, you would be selling a branded product. If anything else, it would be a store-branded product. Your branding process will go easier if the apparel items you buy have unique qualities you can advertise. For example, fair trade apparel products are highly desired by conscientious local buyers. Eco-friendly, as in not using any material sourced by logging, is also a great choice for apparel. Certain distributors, like the Australian wholesaler mentioned above, offer fair trade and similar products. Your retail business can certainly benefit by opting for such items.

Establish is Solid Working Relationship with the Distributor

Don’t forget that the success of the wholesale buying would depend on the relationship you have with the distributor in mind. You should be able to communicate well and negotiate prices. Flexibility here is a major plus, as in you can ask for fairer prices or shipping fees. Not being forced to commit to a minimum is also a major advantage. However, you can benefit from these qualities only if you have a good working relationship with the wholesaler. Therefore, make that quality a priority too in your search.

Finding a good wholesale distributor for your retail business is not a hard task. But you will have to spend some time and perhaps resources to find a wholesaler that’s best suited for your business. In your search, make sure you look for the above mentioned qualities.