If your child is a toddler, you would know how important it is to maintain their level of physical activity, in order to boost growth and development. Most of the time, toddlers are found to be highly energetic in all forms. But this energy level can be directed towards activities which would keep them healthy and help with the healthy development of interests and good habits. Given below are suggestions to contribute towards keeping your child healthily active;

Encourage Outside Time

Make sure to encourage your child to play outdoors. Help them engage in activities like jumping, running, climbing in your garden if not in a designated playground or play place. Getting them interested in learning to ride a bicycle can be one activity that they would love for a long time in their future. Therefore, it is important to encourage them to play outdoors safely by practicing healthy games and activities.

Get Them Engaged In Activities

During or after the toddler age, the parents can choose to enter their kids in group activities or sports. This way they will learn team spirit from a young age which would result in them being a great sportsman in the years to come. You can choose to engage them in a team sport or an activity that requires coordination like basketball or dance classes for toddlers. This will improve their skills, talents and competencies. This automatically contributes to the development of healthy social wellbeing as well.

Incorporate Fitness Into Daily Activities

Involving your kids to walk with you to a store can indirectly contribute towards physical fitness. Even if it doesn’t come in the ordinary form of fitness like walking, running or jogging, it can simply be in the disguise of helping you clean or work around the house with you. This would inspire them to be more responsible and mindful of what needs to be done at a young age.

Limit The Use Of Screen Time

Yes, it might be easier to keep your kid in one spot, by handing them an electronic device. But it isn’t always healthy in the long run. Your little one has chances of turning into a fat, unhealthy child who would also be known as a couch potato. Therefore, there is no need to eliminate completely, but limit the screen time instead, which will lead to them engaging in other activities worthwhile.

“Be The Change You Want To See”

If the child’s parents do not set an example of an active lifestyle, there is no way you could expect the kid to learn it on his own. So, make sure to maintain and promote an active routine throughout the day to assure it being followed by your tiny one.

By using all or most of the tips given as above, your toddler can be taught to be active and maintain a healthy weight and growth rate. Be a rightful example, your child would want to follow, now and forever.