Times have changed quite a bit. Nowadays, obesity, inactivity, and laziness is no longer an issue only seen in adults, but also in our children. If you want to ensure your child grows up to be an active individual, then here are a few suggestions for you.


Limit Their Screen Time

Though it pains us to say this, we are firm believers the fact that our own attachment to technology and all things related to it, is one of the prime reasons for why our children grow up to be lazy or inactive. While we understand that you cannot cut them off entirely from screens that keep them stationary, we suggest you at least reduce the time they spend with it. Have specific time for when they can use smartphone/watch TV, and for how long. This means they’ll have time in their hand; which is necessary for the rest of the suggestions we have for you below.

Make Sure They Are Eating Right

Consider the fact that they might not be eating the right foods to supply them with energy. Yes, we understand that at most times, pre-schoolers can be pretty picky about what they want to eat. However, as the adult, you must take it onto you to make sure they get all the nutrition they need; even if you have to be a little tricky to do that.


Time Their Naps

Nap times and nighttime sleep are vital for the growth of your little one. Ideally, your little one should be getting around 10-13 hours of nighttime sleep, so make sure they head early enough to bed to get that. Though they need not nap as often as toddlers, it is recommended that pre-schoolers too need to nap at least once a day. Make sure to instigate these naps in times when they are less active.


Make Sure You Enrol Them in Preschool Activities

Many preschools nowadays have a complete package of activities to do, that promotes an active lifestyle to their students. While for some it may be mandatory, sometimes you might have to enrol your child for these special activities. Parent and child dance classes in preschool are a particular favourite.


Give Them the Freedom to Explore and Try Things

Your child will learn new skills and discover what interests them only by exploring and trying out new things. We understand that you might be a little hesitant to allow him to do so due to security reasons, but try your best to let him loose in a secure environment. Unless he discovers a passion for cycling or skating by falling down a few times, he’ll never be motivated to do it, no matter how much you push him to.

Be Their Role Model

At this age, parents are the heroes of their lives. To make sure your little one spends a lot of his time being active, let him see what an active life you live yourself. Keep yourself in shape, and instead of encouraging him to go out to the park to play, join him at the park in his games. Always choose the healthier options so she will imitate you, and include it into her own life.