Giving birth is a miraculous experience. Having a baby of your own with the person you love can be one of the most exhilarating happenings in your life. Of course, babies can be daunting, to say the least. However, when the little bundle of joy is getting ready to celebrate his or her first birthday, it is inevitable that as a parent you are very excited about it too. So, a party is to be had!

Planning Initially

You might have been to other kid’s first birthday parties. You had noticed things and would have wished to have them for your kid as well. However, remember that this party is for your kid and it is wise to ask him or her. A family I knew, had a rabbit shaped cake and the kid refused to cut it because he didn’t want to “hurt the bunny”.

That sort of showed how little his parents know about him, which was actually quite embarrassing for them. Therefore, perhaps it is wise to sit with your kid and ask him what sort of a cake would they like. Of course, at 1 year old, they might not be able to answer a question like that, but you never know!

Small Gifts for The Guest Kids

It has become a ritual that in addition to the birthday boy or girl getting gifts from his or her friends who are attending the party, the guests also get a small gift from the birthday boy or girl. You might want to do something similar for everybody because you know kids! If you don’t have time to go around checking and packing gifts for all the invitees, The best thing to do is go to on the internet and look for Play doh tools Australia to see where good quality toys are available. Order and make payments online with the option of gift wrapping as well. So that on the day or the day before you will have everything wrapped and ready at your house.

Not Spending Over the Top

As a new parent, sometimes we tend to spend way too much and regret it later. You should sit down with your partner and go through the costs one by one. First if you’re having it at your own house venue cost is out. It is cost effective to have a theme. For example, if your baby did not give a concrete decision on the cake he or she want, you can pick a favourite cartoon character of his and have that as a theme. For example, Pooh Bear or Thomas the train.

It is best that you delegate the cake unless you are pretty good at making complex cakes. Fondant icing makes everything neat and beautiful, however it is not advisable to be eaten, especially by kids. Therefore, you can choose to go for butter icing. Similarly, decorations would be better off done by paper and other materials that are degradable rather than going for plastics and polythene stuff. If you watch a few DIY videos you can make everything at home by yourself to save money.

A first birthday is an event reminisced by parents mostly, especially if it is their first baby. So, try to make it as successful as you can.