Pokémon or Pocket Monster originated from the land where everything is “kawaii” or cute, Japan. The craze for the media franchise started instantly from its launch in 1995 until the present time. The premise of the franchise is focused on these pokémons being caught and trained by Pokémon trainers to battle other pokémons for sport.

Since its release, the franchise ventured into a different genre. Pokémon does not only refer to videogames and card games. There are movies, TV shows, animated series, and numerous merchandises. The generated buzz for these monsters isn’t likely to die soon as evident in the invasion of popular culture on a global scale.

Pokémon Boosts Literacy

We have always heard of initiatives by academics such as school principals and teachers on how to make learning more fun for their students. Fans of Pokémon reported that they have increased their reading skills effortlessly by playing the game. Non-English speakers also increased proficiency in learning the language because of Pokémon so they could communicate with other players around the world. Vocabulary also improved for most players since there are words used in the game that they would not have been able to learn if they are not playing.

Pokémon Increases Cultural Awareness

Since Pokémon originated from Japan, most of the country’s culture and values are reflected in the game, the movies, and the animation show. Some of these values that are passed on to gamers and viewers are bravery, working hard to achieve a goal and striving to be the best. Being a collector of Comic Alert and Collectables Pokémon also taught these enthusiasts to become patient while scouring for rare memorabilia and the importance of having a hobby.

Pokémon Sparks Creativity

With complex characters and a rich storyline, playing Pokémon sparks creativity. Business owners and entrepreneurs come up with merchandises featuring these characters. Artists are also able to sketch and draw the monsters in their own perceptions.

Playing Pokémon Is Proven To Improve One’s Mood

Numerous researches have concluded that playing video and mobile games aid in the release of dopamine and endorphins in our brain. Some treatments even encourage this in treating post-traumatic stress disorders and depression. There are also other benefits in playing these games such as creating a sense of wellbeing, developing the skills needed to recover from difficulties and providing a sense of accomplishment.

Playing Pokémon Is Good For The Health

The creators of Pokémon developed a game for mobile called Pokémon Go. This game would have the players go out to “catch” Pokémon as Pokémon trainers. Players go to certain places of interest to catch the Pokémon species. The players tend to run to reach the Pokémon before other players. Others have made playing the game as a form of exercise making running and walking more enjoyable.

Playing Pokémon also helped others become more social by engaging with people with the same interest. The game even helped authorities catch some criminals since the players who go to various locations either notice a crime in progress or found some forensic evidence vital to open cases. There are other numerous unusual positive repercussions of the game that made it so popular. And since Pokémon has been around since the ’90s, it is safe to conclude that the mania would not simmer down anytime soon.