Especially as first time parents, you may be filled with the protective urge to have your little one by your side for as long as possible. But ideally between the age 2 to 5, you should be looking at enrolling your child into centers for early learning. Early childhood development is an essential tool that prepares them for their future schooling life so here are some more reasons why you should go about it.

Early Childhood Development

Teachers in preschool Bankstown are specifically trained to give your child emotional security. They will teach children more about how they can form emotional bonds and productive relationships with both each other and the adults. So they are equipped to handle boosting your child’s social and emotional development with some much needed social skills that will show them how to manage their frustrations and interact with others.


Children here get an early start on self-care because they are made to understand the importance of responsibilities. Children are given simple tasks like feeding the classroom pet or setting up a table that gives them a sense of responsibility, pride and self-worth. In most preschools, the majority of your child’s time will be spent in the company of others so under the teacher’s careful supervision, bonding and your child’s ability to help others is encouraged.


You children could benefit from the structured and organized environment of learning and bonding both. Teachers won’t be correcting children at every wrong turn but rather gently coaching so that children will learn appropriate behaviors around others. Centers and institutes such as these are far more structured than daycare and tend to be the next best step before school.

Cognitive Skills

During this age, children are most susceptible to acquiring cognitive and language skills. Their brains are ready to sponge up and make use of all sorts of information, which is why you need such centers to make the most of this period so they can boost their cognitive skills and reach their maximum capabilities. Teachers engage in conversational games and activities that promote thinking in a language-rich setting.

Reading And Problem Solving

Things like reading and math skills, which are invaluable, are started in preschool. Children are encouraged to do simple activities such as singing the alphabet while following it along in a book and teachers are trained to make subjects like math as easy and relaxed as possible. They’ll be engaged in sorting, matching or counting activities to make their learning both enjoyable and understandable.


This curiosity to learn and understand new things around them is something that will severely wear off as the years go by. You need to make use of this curiosity while it lasts and put them in a setting where they can make the most of it. By allowing them to enter a preschool, their creativity is heightened as they’re exposed to more and more about them.

These are the most important reasons why your child needs to be an engaging setting as soon as healthily possible.