At around 4 months of age, your baby’s first tooth may soon grow out. There are a lucky few who don’t experience any teething pain or discomfort at all, but for some, this stage is truly a struggle. As parents, you’d never want to see your little one in distress. Worry no more for here are safe and effective techniques in soothing teething pain.

Chilled Fruit

If your baby has already started on solid foods, treating them with chilled fruit helps ease painful gums. Most common options are bananas, apples, peaches and pears but feel free to experiment whichever your baby loves. After chilling the fruit, you could either mash it or cut into small chunks and place in a mesh feeder. The coolness of the fruit relieves teething pain in a fun way.

Cold Washcloth

For quick teething relief, a cold washcloth works wonders. Soak a clean washcloth in water, squeeze out excess moisture and refrigerate to cool. You can give this to your baby and allow him to bite or chew on it. Its mechanism is almost the same as the first tip which uses the cold to relieve sore gums.

Cool Metal Spoon

If you’re out of options, a simple metal spoon helps a lot. Simply place one in the fridge and when it has cooled, gently massage it over baby’s gums. Cool metal is just as soothing as chilled fruits and cold washcloth.


A teething baby loves to bite and chew on things to relieve itchy or sore gums. A teether helps meet this need. Most teether has fun designs babies surely love such as animals, fruits or any interesting shape. Teething necklaces are perfect for active babies who like moving around the house so they can take their teether with them all the time. For best results, try chilling the teether for a few minutes before giving to you baby.

Wipe Off Drool

Teething babies drool a lot which can irritate the area around their mouth if left unattended. Make sure to have a soft bib or drool pad handy and always wipe excess drool from their mouth. Keeping this area dry is essential since you wouldn’t want another discomfort to add into the picture.

Cuddle Up

Most teething babies get fussy due to the pain and discomfort they feel. However, a simple cuddle from you can mean the world to them. When they’re not getting enough sleep because of the teething symptoms, cuddle and rock him gently to sleep. Babies surely love being cuddled by their parent, making them feel at ease and sleep better.

Teething Medications

If the above remedies don’t work well with your baby, you can always turn to medicated solutions to solve the problem. Teething gels are proven to be effective in providing immediate relief from teething pain. Before giving any medication to your baby, be sure to consult it first with a paediatrician.

With so many teething remedies you can do, your baby will surely journey through teething comfortably.