A baby shower is a very special day for the mom-to-be. She is looking forward to being pampered, loved and blessed by all to have a healthy delivery. If you are the sister, mother or best friend of the mom-to-be, the responsibility of organizing the baby shower will be bestowed upon you and you will have to take care of every little element to make sure the event is perfect and memorable. You don’t need to panic since nowadays you can use spreadsheets and checklists to easily track down your work. So here are some easy steps to follow to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Prepare The Guest List And Pick A Theme

First of all, sit down with the mom and make a list of all you plan to invite. All her close family members, relatives, friends, and co-workers would love to join this special occasion.  Next, pick a theme. Having a theme makes the party fun. You can pick out a fun cartoon character, a fairytale, baby animal or general items such as fairies, unicorns, stars, etc. Choose light and soothing colors such as pink, blue, yellow and more. Make sure you talk to the mom-to-be and finalize it. The last thing you need is to organize a bumblebee theme and later get to know she hates yellow. Design the invitations as per the theme and keep them prepared to send them out at least 3 weeks prior to the party. You can send an e-invite if it is a smaller crowd. Make sure you call a few days prior to the event and get the confirmations. If you’d like for them to dress according to the theme and color palette, mention that too.

Pick A Venue

Now that you have the guest list, you can select an appropriate venue. If it is a smaller crowd, you can keep it at home or hire a small restaurant. A larger crowd will have to be hosted in an appropriate hall. Having it at home gives you the freedom to do whatever, but you’ll be too busy taking care of all the food, drinks, music, etc. This is avoided if you have it at a hall since the staff will take care of everything, but the budget will matter here.

Plan The Menu

Go for light finger foods so that the guests can spend more time walking around, talking and mingling, rather than sitting down to have a full course meal. Sandwiches, mini quiches, sausage rolls, salad, corn dogs as mains, Sweet Mickie baby shower biscuits, cupcakes, rice crispies, ice cream cones as desserts and also some fruit punch as drinks. Make sure you add the mom’s favourites too.

Décor Items

Go as per your theme as pick out the décor and favours. You can shop at party shops, dollar stores and garage sales to find décor items, party themes plate sets and plastic ware, balloons, fairy lights, ribbons, candles and the list goes on. You can make a centerpiece; a gift basket with soft toys, baby oils, fruits, mild shower gels and soaps etc.