The act of giving a gift to someone only shows that person is special to you. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive as you can shop around for affordable yet practical items that the receiver would appreciate still. And what matters most is that it comes from the heart.

Having a baby is one of the most priceless events that could happen to one’s life. So, if someone important to you is expecting, you may want to give a gift to the baby. Finding the right gift greatly depends on the needs of the parents. So, if they have a registry, it is best to stick with it. But if they don’t have, here is a list of the baby gift ideas you can keep in mind.

Story Book

A personalized story book is one of the best gift ideas you can consider. Make the little one the centre of the whole story. Don’t forget to incorporate a sweet note that would let the receiver feel extra special.

Diapering Essentials

A diaper is a necessity. Your baby will pee and poop now and then and you have to change the diapers frequently to avoid getting rashes. And to help the parents save on diapers, you may give them as a gift. Give them an affordable nappy subscription that they could use for a year. Make sure to include other diapering essentials, too, like diaper cream and alcohol-free baby wipes.

Baby Lounger

A baby lounger is perfect whenever the baby’s awake. You can lay him/her down in the baby lounger that is safe, and offers comfort as well. Choose one that could match any room design.

Baby Clothing

Baby’s clothing is an excellent gift idea as it is widely available in your favourite baby clothing and department stores. Shop for a set of bibs, onesies, jackets, tops, pants, and socks among others.

Baby Wrap

A baby wrap will allow the baby to be closer to the mom. Additionally, it is helpful if the parents have to do some household chores and they need to keep an eye of their little one, and it keeps the baby warm and comfortable, too. However, see to it that the size is right.

Baby Rocker

If the parent needs to do some chores at home, a baby rocker can do the job of entertaining the baby. Most baby rockers today have colourful toys they can play with. Choose one with vibrations, too, that could help put the baby to sleep.

For Bath

New parents feel quite scared of giving baths to their little one. Therefore, you could give a baby bath gift basket that could help them in this job.

Baby Furniture

For sure you can buy baby furniture for gifting. You can give a baby crib if you are feeling extra generous. You can give a rocking chair, too. But make sure that the baby furniture is safe and of high-quality.

Surprise the first-time parents that are close to your heart with these baby gift ideas.