All-hallows eve can be scary as well as fun at the same time. Weather is usually fine towards October and people are closing in on cheery, happy moods with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Looking forward to all these make you wonder if some stuff cannot be celebrated within the office as well. Because most of these events are ordinarily celebrated as family events. However, if you really want to throw a party at office you can follow the following steps.

Talk to the HR

The human resources department, always trying to be safe when it comes to employees, would not want to be left out if you are thinking of planning a party. They might have reasons to oppose a Halloween party because, one, the dress code or two, office policies.

Therefore, when you talk to them, make sure that you promise to set down some ground rules and ensure that everybody follows them. It is natural for them to worry about things like people getting scared and uneasy or even direr psychological situations, which can affect their work and life in general. Therefore, it is best to talk to HR before you start planning this sort of a party in the office.

Have A Committee Appointed

This is also an advantage of talking to the HR department because they will not only allow you, but also help you to form a committee to organize the party. One of the first things you can do when organizing the party, is to set those ground rules which you earlier discussed.

Make sure that you set a certain dress code and make things very clear regarding office policies especially, harassment. One more thing that you have to mention to everybody would be the policy on alcohol. Remind everyone to drink responsibly, or if it suits everyone, have a BYOB policy rather than providing alcohol on the expense of the office. However, if you do have alcohol available either way, make sure they have a safe way back home in a taxi and nobody’s driving drunk.

Better Make It A Family Event

It would be great if the office party is a family event. Some may feel that the aforementioned celebrations are anyway family events so how about the Halloween party we only do with office employees. Nevertheless, it is fun to have kids around and have them geared up in baby Halloween costumes running around with candy bowls.

You can have some activities and events for the little ones and have everyone enjoying the event. If the HR is not that happy with throwing a party, you can make it “bring your kid to office day” in a costume. That way, you get to experience some fun as well as the kids get to know everybody.

Halloween actually has a religious, and somewhat spiritual theme, however with time it has been converted to a bit of a fun event. There is no harm taking advantage of the fun side, just make sure you do it responsibly.