Although children await for their summer holidays very eagerly, we adults usually dread for it. Especially the working mums who will have to make sure that their child is not alone for too long and their work life is well balanced. This can be hard but with hard work and support from your partner you could make it happen like a dream.

Let Them Do Things Their Way

As mentioned above children usually await for this moment so they could do things that they always wanted to. Such as stay up late and wake up late. So instead of nagging at them, let them have things their way for some time. Eventually they will get bored of video games and movies and that’s when they will truly listen to you. So as much as it is annoying to see your child being glued on TV, try to keep your patience because you wouldn’t have to deal with it for long. On the other hand, if you keep nagging at them, they might turn rebellious and cause fights which is not the best way to spend summer.

Let Them Learn Something New

Once your child starts complaining that he/she is bored of holidays, you could come with something which will keep them occupied and also let you focus on your office. A good way to spend summer is to learn a new skill, this way your child might even discover his/her hidden talent which is not yet exposed. So check out they have got plenty of professional teachers which will help your child to learn violin. They welcome all kinds of people, adults, children with special needs and even those who are here for fun. Apart from that you could teach some of the culinary arts, don’t go on hard stuff, and teach with simple dishes such as making pasta or noodles on their own. This way the will be able to take care of their meal and you wouldn’t have to rush back home to cook dinner for them. One thing that you should try to avoid is allow outside food. This can have a negative effect on their body both internally and externally. So cook delicious healthy food. That way they will not be tempted to binge, once in a way is fine but don’t make it a regular thing.

Be a Part of It

As much as you find it difficult to handle both, you need to try to be a part of their summer holidays. So at least on weekend do something fun with them for example you could take them for swimming. If you find it difficult then ask your partner to help you with it. This is because children love spending time with their parents especially on the early stages of life, so try to be with them as often as possible. And if it is not possible then make them understand so that way they will not be annoyed with you for too long.

Lastly, you could paint with them, this is a great way to keep them busy for long hours of time and also bring in their creative side.