After the stress of childbirth and post-natal issues, and giving ample time for the newborn to accept her nursery surroundings and stimuli, finally, the time comes for the baby and the new mum to brave their first outing!

You may be craving to go out into the outdoors or it can be a little scary.  So, how do you prepare for your baby’s first outing?  Well, as long as you’re the organized new mum, it will just be the first of hundreds of outings yet to come.  With a few simple guidelines, you and your newborn will be all set to finally go out and meet the world!

What To Pack For The Baby’s First Outing?

Whether your first outing spot is the park just a block away or a 5-hour dinner spectacular, there are some baby-essentials that you need to bring with you.

Essential Items To Pack:

Nappies and wipes:  Accidents happen, and in the world of a baby they can happen several times within a mere hour.  Bring adequate nappies and wipes so as not to run out of them and be embarrassed.

Change of clothing:  Almost guaranteed in a baby’s world are vomit/poo explosions.  Therefore, bring a change of clothing for your baby.  Also, prepare wisely for the sudden change of climate and always bring a warmer coat and hat for sun protection.

Feeding accessories: Your newborn needs to feed many times to nurture their ever-growing body.  Bring the baby’s formula and sterilized bottles if you are bottle-feeding.  You will need water, bibs and burp cloth for your baby whether you are breast-feeding or bottle-feeding.

All these items should be stored in a nappy bag and brought with you.  Nappy bags are versatile. A backpack nappy bag australia can give you extra comfort as it will keep you hands free so that you can tackle any unexpected situations.

Extra Items To Pack:

Being extra organised never hurts with a baby around, especially on your first outing with your baby.

Blankets:  Bring a light summer blanket to keep pesky flies away and protect your baby’s skin.  Have a thicker one at hand to face colder temperatures.

Ointments:  Bring along nappy rash ointments and anything else your baby may need, as the new-borns cannot wait to be treated until you get home.

Favourite Toy:  A study conducted in 2009 revealed that babies recognize their favourite toy along with their mother’s scent.  Try sleeping baby with his blanket and a favourite stuffed animal for a few nights.  When he has reunited with the toy again while outdoors he will feel calmer.

With all of these items, your bundle of joy needs to be transported snug and secure as possible.  As such, you need to decide on a proper mode of transport for your baby.  This calls for a safe and comfortable pram.

It is also important that you need to feel calm and settled.  Sara Waters, study researcher at the University of California, states that as soon as your baby is in your arms she can pick up the physical reactions associated with your emotional state and straightaway feels your negative emotion in her own body and will get upset.

Therefore, look after yourself too!  Bring a spare change of clothing for yourself (due to unexpected accidents), snacks, water, wallet, phone, a book, sun protection and anything else you need.

Motherhood is such a special period, so enjoy every moment of it.  Have a wonderful first day out with your baby!