Thinking of presents to gift a little girl could be tough, especially because girls have so many gift options to choose from. Read ahead to get some tips that could help with your selection of gifts.

Hair Accessories

You could gift the little girl with colourful clips, bands, soft hair brushes, baby friendly shampoos and other cute little hair addon’s that will make the little one look more adorable. It is best to get colourful hair items so that the child will always look bright and cute, bright colours such as pink, red, orange would look great on the little one.


When a new baby girl is born, mothers go crazy with outfits. You could never have one outfit for a baby throughout a day as this is when the little one will have the greatest number of changes due to nappy changes etc.  you will be helping mommy dearest as well,

You could buy girls clothes and choose a great variety of cute designer clothing for the little one. You can go all crazy with the colours, make the baby look as lively as possible. After all, they are newly born and deserve to be treated the best.


If you love buying jewellery for your loved ones, now is the time to go all out. Jewellery is one of the most appreciated and valuable items you could gift a little girl, you could choose from chains, little earrings and bracelets to name a few.

If you are tight on money, we would recommend buying the girly clothes as you will be spending your money on useful attire.

Baby Care

Baby care is one of the most essential things a mother could benefit from, you could gift the mother a care package of many goodies that could include gifts for the baby and mom.

Baby diapers, baby bottles, baby powders, baby lotions, baby food and baby milk could be a great gift. You could choose pink for the colour of diapers to add more colour to the new baby’s room as well.

Wall Paintings

You could buy a few cute coloured wall paintings for the baby’s room so that it would create a sense of welcoming for all the other guests that enter her room to meet and greet her.

This could also be a great way to help out mommy with the room decorations and cost, doing so will enable her to do less for the room which will allow mommy to focus more on the baby.

Baby’s Bed Linen

You could check out the best stores to buy some bed linen, which has a soft thread count especially for babies and picks a few colourful sheets to brighten up the little one’s room.

You could also buy rattles and music toys for the baby to play with around her bed to make her fall asleep, as well.

This is a basic guide that will help you with selecting the perfect gift for the newly born little baby girl. Ensure to buy clothing from stores that cater especially to babies for better results.