The truth, they say, is stranger than fiction. However, fiction is still a necessary escape from reality that all people must be able to enjoy from time to time. Trending these past years is a lot of fictional universes or timelines where the connection of stories and twists are definitely something that a fan should never miss. There are timelines where superheroes are the main characters while there are some wherein witches and wizards are the ones in the lead. Here are some of the top fictional universes that fans are absolutely raving about.

Marvel Universe

Who has not heard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe popularly known as MCU? The band of superheroes called Avengers led by Ironman, Captain America and Thor, among others, as well as all the other superhero characters in the said fictional universe are what most people are raving about these days. Especially due to the upcoming films where a lot of fans can only keep on speculating until the actual movie is shown. Apart from the cinematic universe of Marvel, true blue fans are also after updates on the comic books which is why they buy Marvel comic books online. This is to stay informed on how things are going and be ahead of all the rest when it comes to plot twists in both film and comic books. The universe created by Marvel Studios is definitely bringing people on the edge with every movie and comic update they give.

Harry Potter Universe

The Harry Potter film series may have ended but fans are still raving about the magnificence of the series written by world-renowned author J.K. Rowling. The premise of having schools for witchcraft and wizardry as well as the existence of magical creatures and spells is something that people can only wish were true. It is a very majestic world created to tickle the minds of people, young and old alike, about how would it be to live in a world of magic and enchantments. It is truly an unforgettable world created by the author and people are far from getting over the impossible twists and creative fiction of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Game of Thrones Universe

Another majestic, yet gloriously dark, universe created is the one where the Game of Thrones series belongs. A world of where every important character fights for power, laden with intriguing family history and engaging story twists combined with fantasy and out of this world creativity, this universe will make you yearn for more information that can tell you on who will really reign the victor in the end? The television series is about to end on 2019 and people are now on the edge more than ever, hanging on to every update that can lead to any concrete answer as to who will end up in the throne. Game of Thrones is absolutely a series that people will do everything not to miss and every moment of anticipation makes it all the more exciting and extraordinary.