Childbirth is truly one of the most magical moments in a person’s life. After months of anticipation and preparation, you are finally getting ready to welcome your little one to the world! While preparing for this incredible event, there are plenty of crucial things to do as well. The article below provides a checklist to assist you as you pack your hospital bag.

Things for The Little One

Of course, you will have to pack all the items that are necessary for your baby’s hospital stay. Do pack enough sleep suits, booties, mittens as well as hats. You should also pack towels and blankets for the baby. Be sure to check with your hospital and get a list of the items that they will be providing. If you are planning to use diapers, you will have to bring along a few as well. If on the other hand you opt to use cloth nappies, bring along plenty. Make sure you wash all the items and iron them well before packing in the bag.

You can even consider getting a present for the little one from his/ her siblings. This will be a very sweet gesture for sure! A beautiful ‘going home’ outfit should also be packed.

Things for You

You will also have to make a list of the items that you will need. Make sure you bring plenty of front opening tops if you intend to breastfeed your baby. You can also pack some pretty maternity wear so that you will look great in all your photos! Bring along a few pairs of socks as well because the hospital rooms can get rather cold. You will also have to bring your toothbrush, face wash and other items that you will need for personal care. Bring your makeup as well! You will be in lots of photos and plenty of visitors will be there at the hospital to greet you and the new baby so you really do have to look your best! Bring your favourite pillow as well as any other item that will help you to sleep better.

Things for Your Partner

Your partner will be with you throughout the event so you have to ensure that he is comfortable as well. He should bring his clothes, shoes, watch, phone as well as the chargers to all mobile devices. He will be spending quite a lot of time idling so bring some items that will help him to pass the time well. Any books or magazines that he likes to read can be packed in the bag. You can also bring along some music that he will be able to listen to.

Miscellaneous Items

In addition to all of these, anything else that has to be brought along should also be packed in the bag. Don’t forget the cameras too! You should bring the charger of your camera as well so you will be able to capture all the magical moments without a problem!

Hope the article above will help you as you prepare to welcome your little baby to the world!